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Egypt is a key transit and destination country for African and Middle Eastern refugees and migrants, many of whom have been subjected to violence or persecution in their countries.



individual mental health consultations


outpatient consultations

The number of migrants arriving in Egypt has risen sharply in recent years due to conflict and instabilities in SyriaIraqSudanSouth Sudan, Eritrea, Somalia, Libya and several other countries. They mainly live in Greater Cairo, Alexandria and Damietta. By the end of 2016, there were 193,375 registered refugees and asylum seekers living in Egypt. Migrants are struggling with poor services integration, limited employment opportunities and difficulties in accessing healthcare due to diminishing funding. Many of them are waiting for their asylum requests to be processed. Many of them were subjected to violence and exploitation in their home countries or during their journeys to Egypt and have psychological problems and physical disabilities. MSF has developed individual rehabilitative treatment plans for these patients, consisting of medical and mental health assistance, physiotherapy and social support. In 2016, MSF treated a total of 1,465 new patients, in addition to the existing cohort. The medical teams also assisted other vulnerable individuals by conducting 2,824 medical consultations and distributing over 2,300 hygiene kits. MSF continued discussions with the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population and national medical institutions regarding establishing partnership projects in key public health areas, and offered to contribute technical medical expertise to existing initiatives.


No. staff in 2016: 113 | Expenditure: €2.5 million | Year MSF first worked in the country: 2010 |