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came to be vaccinated with her daughter, Edna, who had just turned three.

“In our neighbourhood, we have no clean water. People leave their rubbish in the streets and nobody does anything. I came as soon as I heard about the vaccination. The vaccine will help protect us against cholera. It can save lives. I encourage other mothers and community members to come and get vaccinated ... it's important that we are all protected.”



Jabulani Simango *

21 years old, from Epworth

"When I was eleven years old, I fell seriously ill and I was taken to hospital in a wheelbarrow. I was started on ARVs but I didn’t understand why I was taking them. My parents died when I was young and my other family members didn’t have much information about HIV and AIDS … I was advised to join support groups for young people living with HIV. I then realised that I was not alone. There were many people my age who were HIV positive and from that moment onwards, I started to adhere to my treatment. MSF used to visit me at home to check if I was taking my medication consistently and in a proper way. After a while, my condition began to improve. When I showed signs of recovering, my family members began to accept me and my status. They began to realise that being HIV positive is not the end of one’s life."

* Name has been changed